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Live Music and DJs

Perch Live Performances

Live Music
Saturday @ 12:00pm
Sunday @ 12:00pm

Monday @ 7:00pm
Tuesday @ 7:00pm
Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Thursday @ 7:00pm
Friday @ 7:00pm
Saturday @ 7:00pm
Sunday @ 7:00pm

DJ Series

Thursday @ 10:00pm
Friday @ 10:00pm
Saturday @ 10:00pm

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Rooftop Live Music Series

Rooftop Live Performances

Live Music
Monday @ 5:00pm
Tuesday @ 5:00pm
Wednesday @ 5:00pm
Thursday @ 5:00pm
Friday @ 4:00pm

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Artist Calendar

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Please note artist slots and times may change due to artist availability. Calendar posting is for reference only.

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